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The Sky’s the Limit: Building Your Own Unique Log Cabin Home

Log cabin living might be a lifestyle that you have been thinking or dreaming about but maybe you don’t know where to start with your plans or just need a bit of guidance to give you the confidence to make those dreams a reality. Here is a look at what’s needed to plan and build your own unique log cabin home, including an overview of the cabin lifestyle that awaits you, plus an insight into your choice of design and finish options.


Feel the freedom


If you are looking for some reasons to subscribe to the log cabin life there are plenty of positives when you start listing them.

Freedom is one of the prime motivators for a lot of people who decide that they would like the idea of buying and building a log cabin to live in.

Making the move can mean economic freedom with no mortgage to pay any more, and you are also giving yourself the chance to free your mind from the traffic, 9-to-5 monotony, and other daily rituals that could soon seem become a thing of the past when you take the plunge and decide to create your very own log cabin home.


No two homes are the same


Part of the special appeal of log cabin homes is the fact that you would struggle to find two log homes the same.

You are starting with a blank canvas and your plans are only limited by your imagination and perhaps budget to a certain degree, but when you start searching through log cabin finishes for sale you will see that your money can go a long way in comparison to other housing options, and you soon appreciate how many different style options you have.

As well as being offered a variety of different shapes, styles, and sizes, part of the design process includes normally being offered a choice in terms of which species of wood you want to use.

There are dozens of different wood species offered as suitable material for creating your log cabin, so you really do have the chance to create a home that is truly unique to you.


Getting started


It is great to have so many choices but it can feel a bit daunting when you are trying to narrow down your options and finally settling on what you want.

Once you get started and sort out your clear preferences you will soon gain the confidence to get everything sorted and put your plans into action.

One of the first considerations will be log profile styles. The timbers that will be cut for your log home can be shaped into a number of different profiles, and your choice of profile will influence how your home looks and how they are fixed together.

If you are new to the process you will probably be offered the following log profiles to choose from –

Round Log

This is when the logs are cut circular without any angles or corners. If you take this option you will normally find that round log homes will be constructed using thru-bolts for support.

Square and Rectangular Log

This is where the logs are cut with four square corners and you can often get them created so that they offer uniformity in height and width.


This is where the logs are cut with one flat side and one round side. This might be an aesthetic option that appeals to you and is popular with a number of log cabin buyers.


If you like the idea of each of your timbers being debarked by hand and maintaining its natural shape, this could be the option to choose if you are trying to achieve a rustic look.

These are just some of the log profiles available and you should be able to find what you want from the options available. Take guidance from your chosen supplier if you are still unsure about what choices are best suited to your design plans.


A home that fits around you


Designing and building your own log cabin home gives you the opportunity to create a place to live that fits in perfectly with your chosen lifestyle.

It gives you an element of design freedom that is simply not available when you are looking at a uniform house that offers little in terms of design flexibility.

You also get the chance to cut your living costs and live closer to nature when you decide to design and build your own unique log cabin home.

Laura Lambert enjoys a green lifestyle and has recently moved into her very own log cabin in the woods with a lake, it’s truly idyllic! She writes about buying, building and living in a log cabin for alternative property blogs.