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Say No To Stank Face

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tidy Cats® and Walmart . All opinions are 100% mine.

Say No to Stank Face


Stank Face is a cross-culturally observed facial expression that occurs reflexively in response to aversive olfactory stimuli. Characterized by flaring of the nostrils and raising of the upper lip, Stank Face occurs in both males and females of all ages regardless of body type, religious belief, political affiliation, social economic status, or gender identity. Stank Face can happen to anyone at any time.  It can come on fast and with little to no warning. In extreme cases, Stank Face results in severe facial contortions that can be really embarrassing and freak people out.

The most common cause of Stank Face is litter box odor. Thanks to Tidy Cats® with TidyLock™ Protection, you no longer have to live in fear and #EndStankFace. This modern miracle locks away odors that cause Stank Face eliminating the problem once and for all. Someone should get a Nobel Prize for this one. Now you and your loved ones can enjoy your time at home without a care in the world. Just imagine what you can accomplish with full facial control. You can finally open your door and walk into every room with confidence and your head held high.

The last time I was overcome with Stank Face, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be normal again. Our litter box is right by the front door and when I walked in, my façade warped something fierce. Not only did upper lip raise and my nostrils flare, my eyes began to water as my face deformed into one of the most grotesque expressions ever witnessed. Both our cats were traumatized for weeks. They took one look at me and ran like I was the embodiment of pure evil. It took multiple helpings of healthy cat treats, tuna, catnip, and lots of petting for me to regain their trust. I never want them to go through that again. My cats deserve better than that.

The horrors didn’t end with feline traumatization either. You should have seen the look on the UPS guy’s face when he came that day. He was only there for a second but his countenance will haunt me until the day I die. His Stank Face was unholy. In a fraction of a second, his eyes glazed over and his face twisted into a visage that seemed to reflect the pain and anguish of a thousand tortured souls. Now when he rings the doorbell he bounds to his truck like a gazelle and speeds off before I ever make it to the door.

Tidy Cats® with TidyLock™ Protection and Tidy Cats® Lightweight Clumping Litter 24/7 Performance for Multiple Cats can be purchased at your local Walmart. They are 8.5lb resealable, recyclable plastic jugs and are changing the world. These revolutionary products are readily accessible and available both online and in store. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a welcoming home. Lock away odors so that you and your loved ones, your cats, and unsuspecting visitors will never fall victim to the horrors of Stank Face again.


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