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Are the Rewards of Plastic Surgery Worth the Risks?

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Are the Rewards of Plastic Surgery Worth the Risks?

The prevalence of plastic surgery is continuing to grow as it becomes less taboo and more acceptable for adults of all ages. Between 2000 and 2015 there was an 115% increase in cosmetic procedures. In 2015 alone, 15.9 million plastic surgeries and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S.

One reason for the increase is improved safety measures. With today’s advanced technology and decades of research to back up techniques, people are less concerned about general safety and recovery.

The legal experts at Siegfried & Jensen note that even though there’s a high satisfaction rate with many plastic surgeries there are still risks involved. Their attorneys have helped many clients who were victims of medical malpractice that left them with long-term problems, both emotionally and physically.

They urge anyone considering plastic surgery to carefully weigh the following risks and rewards before making a decision.

Rewards of Plastic Surgery

Some look at cosmetic surgery as a self-indulgent act of vanity. In reality, it can have a substantial benefit on self-esteem and confidence in many people. Case in point, breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. Plastic surgery is also needed after accidents that disfigure a person’s face. Even people that simply want to improve their contours or facial features can experience a positive boost.

Plastic surgery can also improve the quality of life. This is often the case for people who get breast reductions, panniculectomy surgeries and tummy tucks after major weight loss. These surgeries correct conditions that can limit a person’s physical activity, cause skin problems and lead to severe pain.

In addition to more self-esteem and a higher quality of life, plastic surgery can make you feel younger. And researchers have discovered that feeling younger can actually help you live longer. If plastic surgery makes you more physically active than before it will certainly have a beneficial impact on your overall health.

As plastic surgery procedures become less invasive, they are increasingly gentler on the body and recovery time is shorter. Liposuction is a perfect example of this. Today various non-invasive techniques are used to help break up the fat so it’s easier to extract. Cannulas, the devices used to extract the fat, are also smaller and more effective.

Better technology and advanced techniques are leading to better results. At the end of the day, every plastic surgery patient wants the procedure to go as expected. New technology is minimizing the potential for things to go wrong. That alone has helped increase the number of people who are electing to have cosmetic surgery.

Researchers are working around the clock to develop new ways to provide plastic surgery results without the use of a knife. The rise in Botox and soft tissue fillers like Juvederm make it clear that men and women are interested in maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance – they’re just hesitant to have surgery.

Risks of Plastic Surgery

Even though there are fewer issues as a result of plastic surgery today, there are always certain risks like any other surgical procedure. The most common risk is infection. Any surgery that involves incisions or injections has the potential for infections. It’s one reason why surgeons are so careful to sterilize their workspace and equipment.

Poor results are another common problem associated with plastic surgery. It’s important for patients to approach surgery with realistic expectations. Your surgeon should also be upfront and honest about the results that can be expected. While it’s rare, some surgeons simply botch the job and leave the patient disfigured or worse off than they started.

Surgeries that involve implants pose an additional risk because the implanted device can be defective. If there are problems with the implant it will require additional surgery to correct the issue.

Choosing an experienced surgeon that you feel comfortable with is the top priority. When the surgeon is skilled and has a long track record of proven results, the risks are much lower.

Becky Wilcox is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about beauty, fashion, technology and more.  She writes for Life with Lisa as well as several other blogs and websites.  Check back soon for more from Becky.


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