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Party Prep 101: Keeping Guests (And Your Home) Safe During Large Gatherings

Holidays, birthdays, celebrations, there is always a good excuse to throw a party. No matter your reason for having a gathering, parties should be a time of joy and excitement, not disaster or damage. The reality is that throwing a large gathering requires a lot of work to keep everyone, and everything, safe and sound.

When planning your party, it’s important to follow a few safety guidelines to keep everything on the up-and-up.

Since people are often engulfed in socializing and catching up with friends and family, hosts must remain extra vigilant to avoid any potential problems. The tips below will help you keep your guests happy and safe at your next soiree.

 Keep Doors Locked

According to one study, nearly 48 percent of homeowners claim to leave their doors unlocked for incoming guests, and another 46 percent said they leave keys hidden in outside areas for their friends or family members. Hiding keys or leaving doors unlocked is like an open invite for thieves to simply waltz in, disguising themselves amongst one of your guests.

Despite how busy you may be with setting up the party, it is crucial to keep doors locked and house keys in your sight to ensure no unwanted guests wander in. If you’re concerned about not hearing the doorbell, keep your phone in close proximity and tell your guests to call you or another partygoer to let them in. This way you have clear control of who should and shouldn’t be at the party.

 Be Vigilant in the Kitchen

According to a study by the CDC, cooking fires make up for roughly 72 percent of fires on Thanksgiving Day. Cooking food for guests is a primary part of hosting a party, but it is important for hosts not to get so wound up in conversation that they forget about what’s on the stove.

Certain practices can help avoid cooking-related accidents, such as ensuring your smoke alarm is running properly, clearing away any clutter around the stove and keeping flammable materials away from hot surfaces. These tips not only keep your guests and home safe, but also reduce the risk of higher homeowners insurance rates in the instance of fire damage.

 Clean Any Spills Immediately

Regardless of when or where they occur, cleaning any spills immediately is crucial. One example is that of a spill on carpet or furniture. Depending on the liquid, waiting too long to clean can cause it to set in and stain, making it difficult to get out later on.

If spills on hard floors aren’t tended to immediately, hosts run the risk of putting their guests in danger of slipping and falling and getting injured.

 Make Sure Decor is Hazard-Free

Setting the mood is a major part of hosting any kind of gathering or party. Whether lighting candles, putting up lights throughout the home or putting up streamers and banners, the placement and maintenance of these items is necessary to avoid any hazards.

Candles should be placed far away from any flammable materials, lights and paper decor should be distanced from one another, and any potentially choking hazardous items should be out of reach of children. Taking these measures into account is a crucial step in avoiding damages during your gathering.

Even though parties are a time for festivity and fun, hosts have an added responsibility when throwing gatherings. With large parties being prime places for damage or injury to occur, homeowners should keep best practices in mind to ensure no such complications arise. By planning ahead for any potential issues, guests and homeowners alike can get the most out of the party.