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Murder Mystery Twitter Party Wednesday Night #WhoDunIt

Murder Mystery Twitter Party #WhoDunIt

I was addicted to Silence of the Lambs when it came out and just like millions of other young, impressionable viewers I wanted to become a Forensic Psychologist for the FBI.  I thought I could get into the minds of serial killers and solve all the hardest criminal cases out there.  I even went as far as to find a good program to apply to for college, John Jay in NYC.  I wanted to grow up to be a murder mystery solver.  Didn’t everyone?

Although my dreams never came to fruition, Doc Bonn is somewhat doing what I only dreamed about and now he is sharing it with you.  Want to join us?  Doc Bonn is writing a book about serial killers and currently getting unique, one-of-a-kind insights from the 2 most infamous living serial killers, both of whom are safely behind bars.

Now, in an unprecedented cyber mystery challenge, I will guide you through the trail of blood and crime scene evidence that will allow you to solve the greatest murder mystery of all time. This is fact not fiction! I have analyzed the case evidence using my skills as a criminologist and I have identified the actual identity of an infamous but unknown killer. Now, it’s your turn to do the same thing with my help. You’re the investigator and I’m your expert informant.

Your assignment, using the forensic evidence and clues I provide, is to determine what notorious, unsolved criminal you are tracking (example: “Son of Sam”) by Nov. 9th and then the actual identity of the killer (example: David Berkowitz is “Son of Sam”) by Nov. 16th. To join the go to facebook.com/DocBonn

Party Topic

The unsolved criminal we’re tracking is “Jack The Ripper”, now join us for the rest of the investigation by identifying his true identity and join our #WhoDunIt Twitter Party! You will have until 8:30 pm EST to submit your answer to win! Answers can be submitted via Facebook or tweet it out at the party!

Party Details

When: Wednesday, Nov 16th, 8:00 PM EST (7pm cst, 5pm pst)
Who: You and all Your Friends
Topic: We will be talking murder mysteries, serial killers, and asking questions to our own criminologist, Doc Bonn!

Custom TweetGrid: http://bit.ly/uidZTZ
Hashtag: #WhoDunIt
Party Sponsor: @YesVideo and @TheBigToyBook
Party Hosts: @RachelFerrucci @DocBonn

RSVP by commenting Rachel’s post with your twitter handle (ex. @lisasamples).

Killer Prizes:

(2) Spy Net Bionic Ears

Spy Glasses

(5) Mass Deception by Doc Bonn

$40 Gift Certificate to Yes Video

Top Prize $100 gift card- Everyone will be in the drawing who correctly identifies the true identity of Jack the Ripper

Door Prize winner – $60 Gift Certificate to Yes Video (you are entered by leaving a comment with your Twitter ID)

Additional Optional Entry:
Tweet the following phrase and leave a comment on RACHEL’S blog with each completed optional entry.
  • I’m going to the #WhoDunIt twitter party Wed 11/16 @8pm ET! RSVP to Win: http://bit.ly/rOrw3U Pls RT
  • @RachelFerrucci: Join @DocBonn Murder Mystery #WhoDunIt twitter party Wed 11/16 @8pm ET! RSVP: http://bit.ly/rOrw3U Pls RT
Door prize winner must have RSVP’d via comment and be present at the Twitter party to win. Open to all United States residents.