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Moving Your Body: The Top Exercise Myths and Misconceptions Exposed

The Top Exercise Myths and Misconceptions Exposed

Moving Your Body: The Top Exercise Myths and Misconceptions Exposed

Talk to ten different trainers and you’ll get various versions of information and subsequent suggestions.  Similarly, peruse the Internet for health and exercise information and you can find dissimilar and even contrasting information.  The plethora of information from various sources results in myths and misconceptions.  Here you will find top exercise myths exposed and for a better understanding.

Running Outside Hurts the Knees

Some believe that running outside on the street is bad for the knees, electing to move inside and use treadmill machines.  However, running on treadmills can be worse due to the bouncy platform and related stride of tread runners.  Yet, that is not the full story.  If you are having issues with your knees, it’s probably due to your stride, the frequency of running or chosen running shoes.  Running outside in and of itself does not have a negative effect on the knees.  Actually, it’s more likely, all things being equal, more runners will hurt their knees via treadmills.

No Pain Results in No Gain

You don’t have to put your body through pain and agony to get results.  Pushing your muscles and frame to exhaustion is likely to result in injury, strokes, or the tendency to get lazy.  Yes, you should set goals and challenge your body via different routines and exercises.  The muscles do have memories, and doing the same routine will limit the ability to reach new plateaus.  However, listen to your body.  If something is painful or your body is lethargic, give it a rest.  Being strong and healthy is a lifestyle and not a fad.  Being fit requires a long-term effort.

No Sweat Means You’re Not Burning Calories

Just about any kind of motion and activity burns calories.  You don’t have to be drenched in sweat to believe you had a good workout.  Sweating is the body’s way of cooling down when overheated.  Those who are in better shape may sweat less due to a greater level of endurance and fitness.  You don’t have to actually see sweat know you’re getting a good workout.  People have varying thresholds for sweating.  Moreover, it may be cold at the gym, which will lessen the likelihood of breaking out in a sweat.

A Lot of Sit-ups Guarantees Six-pack Abs

Every person has a ‘six pack.’  However, most have it covered by a little or a lot of fat.  Yes, sit-ups help develop your abdominal muscles, which helps strengthen one’s core and burn calories.  Thinking you will uncover the fat around the waist by doing sit-ups is a misconception, especially for men.  The lower waist area is the first place men put on weight and the last area it comes off.  Therefore, a combination of exercise, cardio activity, and a good diet will produce six-pack abs.  Merely working the abdominal area won’t be enough for most.

Cardio Is Better for Burning Calories

The above statement is too vague to be accurate or inaccurate.  Other factors such as time, type of activity, and the level of intensity contribute to how many calories are burned.  For example, running for ten minutes will not burn as many calories as a high-intensity weight training workout that encompasses forty-five minutes.  Taking the readings on exercise machines for fact is closely related to this misconception.  The average machine does not have enough data to accurately reflect calories burned.  A machine would need to know your age, weight, and fitness level to give an absolute and accurate picture of calories burned.  The number on the machine is merely an estimate that could be way off.

Muscle Shakes and Bars Are Healthy

Most trainers would agree that a protein shake or muscle bar is great on occasion if you have not eaten, or you’re purposely trying to add bulk, but generally these solutions are the lowest denominator of healthy.  It’s best to get proteins and vitamins from real foods.  Shakes and bars cannot take the place of whole and organic foods.  Bars and shakes are filled with synthesized ingredients that can serve as an occasion alternative.  Eating well, like visiting a dentist and general practitioner, are life essentials.  Take a look over at Guardian Life for a review or dental plans.

A Trip to the Gym Cancels Out One to McDonald’s

Working out and engaging in exercise should not be used as a pass to then proceed to a fast food restaurant or engage in a poor diet.  As mentioned, being healthy is a lifestyle.  Doing something healthy and then ‘cancelling it out’ by doing something unhealthy is confusing to the body and not a way to lead a positive lifestyle.  Also, going to the gym for 45 minutes does not give you an excuse to sit around for the rest of the day.  Those who live a sedentary life are more prone to disease and being unhealthy despite going to the gym.

Elizabeth Webb used to work as an aerobics instructor before her unofficial role as a life coach to friends and family became a full blown career! She still keeps fit herself, though, and pays attention to the industry, loving the invention of Zumba!


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