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Movavi Video Editor Review

Have you tried editing one of your videos in the past but found it to be time-consuming and complicated? For most people, their first encounter with video editing can be off-putting, but that is mainly because most editors assume that users have a certain level of experience.

Unlike other editors, however, Movavi Video Editor doesn’t make that assumption – nor does it require any experience. Instead, it is an editor that is focused on providing an intuitive user experience that makes it easy for beginners and more experienced users alike to take advantage of its features.

Due to its clean and well-organized user interface, it is easy to navigate the features in Movavi Video Editor and find what you need to make alterations to your video. In most cases applying each feature is equally straightforward, and requires only simple actions such as adjusting a slider, dragging an element into place, or clicking on a button.

Suffice to say you don’t need to worry about video editing being too technical, as Movavi Video Editor will simplify all of the complicated areas and ensure you have a seamless experience when you use it.

Key Features and Capabilities

As much as its user-friendly and intuitive approach is what makes it unique, Movavi Video Editor is no slouch when it comes to its features and capabilities either. Mostly it is a powerful video editor, and its features will enable you to:

  • Cut videos into segments, merge clips together, trim out unwanted parts or arrange footage in the right order.
  • Add audio tracks to incorporate background music or a voiceover.
  • Record additional audio and video footage on the spot via a webcam, microphone, or some other device.
  • Edit audio tracks to crop MP3 or other audio files, remove background noise, apply audio effects, or adjust audio levels.
  • Enhance the quality of videos manually or automatically and fix any issues with the footage.
  • Apply a wide range of visual effects including animated transitions, filters, or robust special effects.
  • Insert text elements and customize their appearance to create unique subtitles, captions, and more.
  • Automatically compile videos using the Montage Wizard that will quickly edit video footage and let you create an impressive home movie.

Make no mistake the features listed above are just a selection of the tools that are present in Movavi Video Editor. As you should be able to see, however, it has everything that you need to compile and create impressive video content of your own.


Although you may have had a bad experience with video editing in the past, Movavi Video Editor will give you the opportunity to put all that behind you. With its help, you should be able to make any alterations that you need to your videos and create exactly the type of videos that you want to create.

In short with Movavi Video Editor you’ll be in the driving seat and can decide what sort of video you’d like to create – whether it is a short clip to share with your friends, or a longer piece of content to publish online.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    This sounds like the perfect solution to turn our home videos into semi professional appearance.