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Moody Colors And Mindful Design Are Big In Bedrooms Right Now

Are you in love with moody sleeping spaces? Is your bedroom your place to hide from the world and listen to music in the dark? Or are you just a typical Capricorn who loves to brood in the privacy of your safe space? Moody colors are in style right now, which means you won’t have any trouble decorating a bedroom that fits your personality. A combination of moody colors and mindful décor to soothe the soul and rebalance your emotional life will make your bedroom a sanctuary from a chaotic world.

Moody Bedroom Colors

Deep Blue

Deep hues of blue will remind you of reading your favorite book on a rainy day. Blue is often associated with intelligence and creativity, compassion, and warmth. Blue is also the color of serenity. Use it in a bedroom if you want to create a peaceful and tranquil environment where you can collect your thoughts and cool down from the stress of the day. Blue will help you find your meditative calm.

Dark Green

Green is a natural, earthy color. Green symbolizes growth and renewal, but if you’re aiming for a moody bedroom, stay away from bright and pale greens. If you want bright and cheerful, green will bring the feeling of spring into your home but aim darker to bring in the color of jungle leaves and mystery.

Quiet Grays

A classic choice for a subdued bedroom. If you love the feeling of being cooped up when the weather’s bad, dark grays are here for your bedroom.

Chocolate Browns

Dark browns will bring you back down to earth. You want to go with browns that remind you of wood or the rich dirt in your garden. Go too light and you wind up with boring beige. A successful moody brown color scheme should remind you of hours spent in the library or an old Victorian study. Perfect for the bookworm.

Shadowy Reds

Red has the potential to be a stimulating color, so be careful about the shades and how you accent red walls. Done right, red can feel nostalgic and sexy. Shades like marsala or ox blood can be deeply romantic.

Mindful Design Once you’ve picked a color scheme, it’s time to update the furnishings. Pillows, duvets, and curtains can add different shades that stay on theme. You’re also going to want new furniture that fits with the theme you’re trying to create. That could mean looking at new bed frames to find something that’s more meditative and thoughtful, or it could mean bringing in dark wood bookshelves and mirrors with a darker frame. For a cozy, warm bedroom, you may not be concerned about how much furniture you have in your bedroom. The closer everything feels, the cozier you get. But if you feel like too much stuff clutters your head and gets distracting, it could be time to start culling. Either way, moody colors will help calm you down and provide a safe space where you can get away from


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    am more of bright colors and patterns and a lighter feel but the dark blue one appeals to be.