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Looking for a way to keep your finances in check? Use one of these calculators

When you’re trying to keep your household afloat, you have to sit down and prepare for a really nasty session of math every now and then. It’s not at all pleasant and the thought of it all going downhill because you’ve made a simple mistake in the calculations can be nerve racking. Just imagine that pressure amplified by a hundred, because that’s what it’s like when dealing with a business. An entire enterprise resting on your shoulders to nail economics? Of course you’re going to sweat. But it doesn’t have to be such a frustrating and shocking experience. The key is to invest in a efficient calculator that is able to take most of the load of math off of you and definitely make sure that all the small details don’t go wrong. When calculating business related numbers, there’s no room whatsoever for errors. That is why in this guide we are going to suggest to you some of the best calculators that you can buy right now. Check them out and keep them in mind if you have a regular math session scheduled at work forever.

Casio fx-9759GII

If someone tells you that they’ve bought you a Cassio, you’re probably thinking about a watch. But in this case you are probably going to be happier to find out that you in fact have received a brand new calculator that is packed with all the necessary functions that you’ll ever need. The calculator comes with a nice compact design that will make sure that you will have all your options nicely organized on the panel. On top of that it comes with a pretty big display that will allow you to see all the calculations as you’re making them without having to squint your eyes or limit the number of digits you work with.


  • It’s a small calculator which means that it can easily fit in your pocket
  • It’s compatible with a lot of the tests you have to take such as PSAT, NMSQT or SAT
  • It comes with a 62 KB RAM capacity which is great because the performance based CPU is able to get all your calculations done in an instant
  • The display it pretty large and it uses LCD technology, making it super easy to keep track of what’s happening on screen
  • The USB connectivity makes it easy to transfer data and just make the device more versatile in it use

HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2

Yet another manufacturer is diving into the world of calculus, making it easy for people worldwide to calculate their office finances without messing things up. As easy as it is to mess things up at the office, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use a sleek calculator like this one to take care of all your math related issues. It comes with a really nice looking design that just screams high end and it has a lot of features that give users an edge when they start using it to track their finances.


  • It has a great design thanks to its metallic case finish
  • It has an LCD display that measures 5 inches and uses color
  • It comes with a ton of new features as well as apps which fit into its ecosystem perfectly, making it great for solving a large number of problems
  • It comes with a nice keypad that has its buttons placed so that you can reach them in utmost comfort
  • It supports connectivity through USB which makes it a versatile device with a great design, making use of modern technology to transfer important data easily
  • It also comes with support for WiFi which is not something that you can say about all calculators nowadays, giving users even more reasons to try it out for themselves
  • The calculators can be uses when taking exams such as the SAT, PSAT or NMSQT

Sharp EL-E535XBSL

This model is considered to be a scientific calculator and if you were looking for a really cheap alternative to the other models presented, this might probably be it. It comes with a lot of features and a price that dips below $15 which is very impressive. It features a simplistic panel without LCD technology and definitely no color. But, considering its price tag and also the fact that it has pretty much everything you need from a calculator, most would agree that it’s a great deal/ It comes with a simplistic design with rounded corners and a simple black color scheme with some touches of orange for the physical buttons.


  • It’s extremely cheap for all the things that it offers and it’s appreciated for the fact that it goes for a price tag that’s below $15
  • It’s able to do a lot of calculations, to be more specific up to 335 of them
  • It comes with a four line display which makes it easier to fit all the digit and calculations on the screen
  • If you need to edit a formula you can easily do so thanks to the playback button
  • You can solve multiple equations at the same time using this device, to be more specific you can solve up to three at the same time
  • It comes with a dual power source which is always a nice bonus to have
  • It’s approved for a lot of the tests that you might need to take such as SAT, NMSQT or PSAT
  • It comes with a special type of technology called WriteView, which allows the user to view formulas as they are found in textbooks, which at times can turn into a big advantage depending on your situation.

That’s about It so if you are working with numbers all day long at work or even once a week for that matter, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t equip yourself with a useful calculator of the highest caliber.