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How To Maximize Storage Space In Your House


The process of effectively organizing a home is a difficult task for new and experienced homeowners alike. As a homeowner yourself, you understand the constant struggle of optimizing storage space in your house. You simply do not have enough space in your kitchen to cook. You cannot even bear to walk into your bedroom with the piles of clothes all over the floor. Fortunately, your home does not have to suffer, regardless of how many items you have in it. Continue reading to learn how to maximize storage space and finally de-clutter your house.

Buy A Bed With Built-In Storage Space

One efficient way to rid yourself of clutter in your bedroom is to purchase a storage bed. Beds that come with built-in storage space underneath them allow for easy organizing. Moreover, your bedroom can look neat again with a storage bed. Rather than throwing all of your belongings in the available open space underneath your mattress, use decorative baskets and bins. That way, you can easily access your belongings without having them show. Purchase a bed with built-in storage space to increase the storage space in your bedroom.

Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers can be used in just about every room in your house to create more storage space. For instance, you can provide yourself with more space to cook in your kitchen if you use drawer organizers. Most homeowners use drawer organizers for their silverware, but nothing else. Consider how much space you can clear up in your drawer full of other kitchen utensils like can-openers and scissors. Your junk drawer can become a drawer that is only partially consumed by junk. The rest can be used for other essentials like plastic sandwich bags and tinfoil. Drawer organizers work wonders in homes by maximizing storage space.

Mount Your Ironing Board

You can also free up storage space by mounting your ironing board to the wall. Whether you have children or live alone, your laundry room can get cluttered in the blink of an eye. Since your laundry room is where you separate dirty clothing from clean clothing, it is crucial to keep it as organized as possible. Unless you have built-in ironing, classic ironing boards take up a lot of space when they are on the ground. Many times, homeowners bump into them, create more of a mess, and could even harm themselves. Eliminate these possibilities by mounting your ironing board in a convenient spot in your laundry room. Then, it will only be present in the room when you actually need it. It is a great way to improve your home’s appearance and also maximize storage space.

Take Advantage Of Space Underneath Stairs

Next, consider the space underneath your stairs for storage space. There are multiple ways to go about creating space under your staircase. A popular option is putting in shelves. If your basement stairs or steps to a second story are easy to see, use boxes, baskets, and bins to keep items on the shelves. You can also choose to have drawers put in. From the outside, your staircase looks like any other. Your guests will never know that you have drawers underneath them if they are constructed properly. Create more storage space in your home by transforming the space underneath your stairs.

Consider On-Demand Storage

Another way to create more storage space in your home is to actually transfer your belongings elsewhere. While traditional self-storage units can be beneficial, on-demand storage is more convenient. When you opt to use on-demand storage service like Livible.com, you can schedule pick-ups and returns. You do not have to leave your home to store your belongings. On-demand storage employees come to you and they even provide reusable packing supplies. You can move your summer clothing into a warehouse during the winter to clear up closet space. If you have an extra couch that was taking up a car space in your garage, you can have that moved as well. Free up storage space in your house in a very convenient way by using on-demand storage.

All homeowners deal with storage issues, but they do not have to. You can optimize your bedroom space by purchasing a storage bed. Utilize drawer organizers everywhere possible to free up more drawers for items creating clutter. Look into on-demand storage for convenient pick-ups and deliveries. Mount your ironing board to your laundry room wall for a more organized room. Additionally, take advantage of the space underneath your staircases. You now know how to maximize storage space in your house.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    We can always use storage tips. I knew most of them but there were a couple that I am going to implement.