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Hidden Treasures in Your Home: How to Clear the Clutter and Get More Change in Your Pocket

Most people think of their living space as a cost.  You’re either paying rent or making mortgage payments.  But, why continue to take money from your pocket when you could be putting funds inside?  A number of people are making money like the gold prospectors of old.  However, they don’t need covered wagons or to head West to find gold.  People are finding hidden gems in their couch, basement, attic, and beyond.  Are you sitting on a hidden treasure?

Heating and Cooling Vents

Were others living in your apartment or home before you?  If so, they may be long gone but could have left valuables behind.  Check inside your heating and cooling ducts for loose change and other debris.  If you’re really lucky, you may find funds, diamonds, or other treasures former inhabitants had stashed yet forgotten.  Some people go above and beyond, placing small remote control cars fitted with cameras inside vents to see if there is something deep inside.

The Couch

Oh, there are so many nooks and crannies that allow a couch to swallow crumbs, coins, and more.  It’s likely that you won’t go deep couch diving unless you’re searching for a lost remote control or smartphone, but it may be worth it to dig between the cushions the next time you’re at home.  Why?  Consider how many opportunities bills, coins, and other goodies had to slip out of the pockets of others and into your couch doubling as a bank vault.  Hey, unless a friend or family member mentioned losing a ring, $20 bill, or spare change, finders are keepers.  Did you find a phone, book, or another personal item?  Learn about BuyBack Express.

The Garage

Garages are odd sections of an estate.  Most are not ‘finished’ like the inside of a home.  Secondly, some are fitted with crawlspaces or other types of storage areas.  It may seem farfetched to some but it could pay off to go rooting around the far corners of your garage, looking for any covert holes, cracks, or spaces under the foundation where people may have stashed gold coins, paper money, diamonds, etc.  Some are even curious enough to start digging underneath their garage, but don’t make any moves unless you are aware of the location of water pipes and gas lines throughout the property.

Sheds and Barns

Have you bought an estate with an existing shed or barn?  If so, you may want to inspect any items that were left within by previous owners.  In some cases, what you may think is another’s discarded or left junk is actually a valuable antique.  Furthermore, some people who suddenly passed away may not have had the opportunity to tell others of things they’ve hidden throughout their estate.  Therefore, scouring an old barn or shed with a metal detector could be a very beneficial decision.


To start, some people find it helpful to research the history of their home and neighborhood.  How many inhabitants lived in your home through the years?  Did any infamous people live in the area?  Was there a time of high crime activity perpetrated by the mob?  Were certain homes in the area labeled as hideouts for criminals?  These are all questions you want to be answered.  While you may find that your address was not affiliated with any noteworthy history, you may find that abandoned buildings or land in the area has a different past.


The attic is usually the default storage area of the home.  It’s pretty easy for things to be stored and forgotten.  Some people never realize the dollar potential connected to their old stuff.  Don’t make any assumptions about items you don’t know much about.  For example, you may have old baseball cards, dolls, toys, and other memorabilia that is worth hundreds, thousands, or more.  If you have the slightest inclination that an item may be of value, take it to a reputable pawn shop, a place where you can get a professional opinion and hopefully make a sale.

Sidewalk Trash

You’ll have to leave your property for this one but you don’t have to travel far; you can even go by foot.  Some may feel funny about inspecting the trash of their neighbors but plenty of salvage yard owners make money from snatching the discarded items of others, refurbishing or simply taking, and then turning around and selling the items.  There are countless opportunities just sitting in the trash each day.  It takes a bit of bold action, but don’t dismiss the notion that your neighbors are literally throwing money away.

Emma Buckley writes about personal finance; making money, saving money, rainy day funds, mortgages – you name it, she writes about it!