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Heating, Cooling and Ventilating: Why It’s Crucial to Change the Filters in Your Home and Business

It would be a bad idea to underestimate the importance of keeping your air filters in good shape. A dirty and inefficient filter will put a greater strain on your HVAC system. It could also cost you more money and even have an impact on your health.

Here is a look at why it is so important to change your air filter, including details of potential health consequences, and why your energy bills might be higher if you neglect your air filter.

Why your air filter is important

Regular inspections and maintenance to your HVAC system are critical if you want to get the best out of your system. You will also enjoy better fuel efficiency together with a longer lifespan on your equipment.

The most common reason behind a heating and air conditioning system breakdown is a dirty air filter. When dirt accumulates it causes your system to overheat and air cannot pass through as efficiently.

This will impact on the HVAC motor which will have to work harder as a result of a dirty air filter. Replacing the air filter regularly is the key to prolonging the life of your system.

Whether you are talking about a home HVAC or business HVAC the rules of maintenance remain the same. Whether you are searching for an Industrial Air Filter Replacement or need one for your home, the fundamental point to remember is how important it is to look after your air filter.

Inspect or change every month

You might think that changing your air filter every month is unnecessary or too expensive to consider.

You will soon change your mind if your system breaks down and the repair or replacement cost far outweighs the cost of buying a new air filter.

HVAC manufacturers and maintenance professionals suggest you should change or inspect your air filter every month. The most important time for regular inspections is during the peak months when your HVAC system is used more frequently.

Inspect the filter every month to check it is free of dust, dirt and any other pollutants.

Change the filter if you find it is needed. If you buy a higher quality filter it might last up to three months, but this will depend on how many people occupy the building, whether you have pets and how often you use the system.

Health issues

If anyone in the property suffers from allergies it becomes even more important to keep on top of an air filter and system maintenance program.

A dirty air filter will result in poorer air quality. It can also help to exacerbate symptoms for anyone who has asthma or other allergies.

Pets in the home also make a difference to how often you change the air filter. Pet dander in your system will accumulate in your system and spread allergens unless your air filter is working efficiently.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides guidance and information on a range of air quality issues. It confirms pollution comes from a variety of different sources including dust particles.

Air pollution can worsen your asthma symptoms and other health issues. Dust mites, damp, and mold are also issues in many buildings. You should also be aware that dust mites are present in many homes, regardless of how clean your home is.

An efficient HVAC system will help to reduce the risk of triggering these symptoms. However, a poorly filtered air system will be ineffective in reducing the spread of allergens and irritants throughout the building.

There are definite health benefits attached to changing your air filter every month.

Higher power costs

If your power bills are on the rise it could be your HVAC system.

A dirty air filter will make your air conditioning system work harder than it needs to. When cooling efficiency is reduced it results in poor air flow and forces your system to use more power to be able to cope.

Inefficient cooling is a problem. When dirt gets into your cooling coils and fans it allows frost to build up. This makes it harder for your unit to cool the house and adds to your power usage costs.

If your air conditioning unit suffers from reduced air flow it can cause the system to malfunction. A dirty air filter can also contribute to a system failure. Your energy bills will also be higher than they should be.

You can see that there are many good reasons why it is crucial to change your air filter regularly.

Stephan Reed runs a handyman business, starting out as a one-man-band he now has a team of five working with him. Stephan discovered he enjoys writing articles when he was out-of-action after a car accident, he hasn’t stopped since getting the all clear and being back to work.