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Fresh from Florida: Johnnie’s Hideaway in Orlando #FreshFromFlorida

This post brought to you by Fresh From Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fresh from Florida: Johnnie’s Hideaway in Orlando #FreshFromFlorida

Living in Florida it’s great that I get to experience so many of the Fresh From Florida seafood and produce.  You probably know I post recipes featuring items highlighted from Fresh From Florida, but it’s great when I find a restaurant that serves Fresh From Florida products.  One of my favorite local restaurants here in Orlando, Johnnie’s Hideaway, has a lot of Florida items to choose from and they highlight many of them in the case when you walk in the door.  They are famous for their stone crab claws which are delicious and Fresh From Florida!

Johnnie’s Hideaway is one of the restaurants from the Talk of the Town Restaurant Group that includes FishBones, MoonFish, Charley’s Steakhouse, and Vito’s Chophouse.  All their restaurants use Fresh From Florida foods! We are regulars at Johnnie’s Hideaway so we have tried almost everything on the menu, including all the Fresh From Florida items.

Stone Crabs

The Florida Stone Crabs are day boat caught and hand harvested one claw at a time. Although we are about to go out of season, the stone crabs are always delicious and fresh tasting.  I love that they are so easy to eat compared to many other types of crab and the meat is so plentiful.

Steamed Clams

The Florida Steamed Clams were perfectly steamed with just the right amount of garlic butter.  The juices were so good we couldn’t help but soak it up with their incredible rolls.

French Cut Green Beans

The Florida Fresh Cut Green Beans were cooked perfectly with smoky almonds & brown butter and plentiful enough for both of us.

Black Grouper

The Florida Black Grouper is utterly amazing.  I never realized there were other types of Grouper but apparently Black Grouper is the Cadillac of the species.  I can see why too!  It was cooked to perfection with so much flavor and topped with lump crab, mushrooms, and the perfect sauce.


The Florida Strawberries went perfectly with my Spiked Strawberry Lemonade.   Don’t drink alcohol? No worries, they have a non-alcoholic version on the menu!
Other delicious Fresh From Florida choices on the menu included their tomatoes which taste as if they came fresh off the vine!  Oh, and if you order the salad – get the House Salad.  It’s a wonderful salad with a surprise underneath – delicious potato salad!
Call me spoiled because I get to eat foods Fresh From Florida on an almost daily basis. I highly encourage you to try some of them yourself and if you are ever in the area, do not miss out on Johnnie’s Hideaway.  It’s the perfect place to go if you have a business dinner, an anniversary, a prom, or just because you enjoy good cuisine.
Have you ever tried anything Fresh From Florida?



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    Sounds delicious.