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How to Find a Cheap Flight

Finding a flight that’s good value for money could save hundreds of dollars which you could put to better use on your holiday. There are several factors affecting the price, and you should always try to find a cheap flight regardless of your destination. Here are a few essential tricks every traveller should try to help cut the cost of travel.

Shop Around

As obvious as it might sound, the ticket with the best value for money probably isn’t the first one you see. Different airlines cover the same route and are often in competition. The same is true for flight comparison websites. If you look at different carriers and use a combination of comparison sites, you’ll probably end up finding the same flight advertised for a lower price.

Be Patient

More likely than not, if you start looking for a flight to book your dream trip to Canada or the Caribbean on the weekend, the prices will be slightly higher. Monitor the airline and sign up to have alerts sent to your email or phone. Be patient and you’re much more likely to snap up a bargain.

Follow Airlines on Social Media

In today’s day and age, the first way companies alert their customers of upcoming promotions is through social media. Occasionally an airline has a flash sale reducing the cost of tickets by up to 30% or more. But, the catch is that there are only a limited number of tickets at the special promotion price. If you’re notified as soon as the offer begins, you can snap up the ticket at a fraction of the original cost.

Be Flexible

If you’re flexible and fly during the offseason when the demand is lower, the likelihood of getting a lower price is much higher. This doesn’t necessarily mean planning a trip to Toronto in the midst of winter. Considering visiting in spring or autumn instead. And the added bonus of flying in the low season is that there are fewer tourists and accommodation is often cheaper too.

Choose an Indirect Route

Sometimes flying direct is more expensive than booking two separate connecting flights. Airlines with a monopoly between two destinations often raise the price because they know customers have no other choice. But the savvy traveller would look for alternatives. If you’re flying across the Atlantic to Canada, for example, it could be slightly cheaper to fly via the United States first. And the benefit of choosing indirect is that you can always spend a night on the stopover. This might allow you to see and experience two places rather than one especially if the layover is longer than 24 hours.

How to Save Money on Flights

Everyone likes saving money and getting a good deal. And there’s nothing better than keeping a nice chunk of money by being smart when booking airline tickets. Remember to be flexible, do your research, follow the social media of potential flights and take advantage of promotions and stopovers. Follow these tips, and the extra money you save could be better spent making your dream holiday come true.


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