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Earth Day 2012 Infographic

Happy Earth Day!


What are you doing today to save the Earth?


  1. Happy Earth Day!!!

  2. Great infographic!
    Earth day is important namely because it keeps people thinking about this important issue. I would drive an electric car in a heartbeat and wouldn’t need much encouragement!

  3. Such a great infographic! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know what we are celebrating on this day…

  4. Millions are participated in this event. It’s nice to be part of it but we should need to apply the meaning of this event.

  5. Thanks for the infographic post. So happy to a blog like these, I’ll spread this with my pinterest friend.

  6. Tammy Guise says:

    Very informative post! One more thing we all need to do is save each and every resource even if it is unlimited. Electricity and water are something that must be saved on an urgent basis.