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Enjoy Remote Florida and Visit Wakulla

Disclosure: I was recently hosted on a FAM trip to Wakulla County, expenses paid by Visit Wakulla and Wakulla County Fish & Wildlife Service. It’s an entirely different experience from the “normal” attraction based-Florida vacation. It’s peaceful. Beautiful. A group of amazing bloggers recently spent some time getting to know more about Wakulla County, found […]

5 Steps to Planning Your Aussie Campervan Road Trip

These are the top things you need to think about while planning your campervan road trip in Australia.

Want a Fall Beach Escape? Come to Daytona Beach

Making plans for a Fall Beach Escape? Daytona Beach is the perfect destination.

Take Me Fishing™ Magical Fishing and Boating Trip at Walt Disney World® Resort

Experience Fishing at Walt Disney World!

Top 5 Most Travel-Friendly Careers

One of the most burdensome aspects of having a long-term career is that you have to pick a permanent place of residence and a city that you’ll live in the entire time you work at that location. Of course, there’s the option of the “work from home” jobs or online work, and those can certainly be travel-friendly, but not in the sense that you can easily move to any city and be stably employed within that city, even if your online income is steady.

Culture and Heritage: The Empanadas of the Philippines

Discover famous empanadas of Ilocos Philippines from a recent trip.

10 Beach Hacks Everyone NEEDS to know!

Summer is here and that means Beach Time! I absolutely LOVE going to the beach with my friends, family, and loved ones. It is simply a great way to spend the day together while relaxing in the beautiful sun and having a great time. If you plan to go to the beach this Summer you […]

I Escaped the Room in NYC Thanks to the Ford Escape

What happens when Ford partners with Victor Blake? It’s a one-of-a-kind Escape the Room experience that transforms the latest trend in immersive entertainment into a driveable, life-size game and I got to experience it in NYC a few weeks ago! It was an amazing experience where we relied on teamwork, street smarts, our spirit of adventure and most of the all the Ford Escape SUV to beat the clock.