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Best Alternatives to Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet envisages eating only a special set of products, which were consumed by our ancestors. Therefore, the diet is also known as stone age or Paleolithic diet program. The ration of the program includes unprocessed products and excludes certain foods such as grains, potatoes, salt, dairy products, sugar, processed oils, coffee, etc. You can […]

Party Prep 101: Keeping Guests (And Your Home) Safe During Large Gatherings

Holidays, birthdays, celebrations, there is always a good excuse to throw a party. No matter your reason for having a gathering, parties should be a time of joy and excitement, not disaster or damage. The reality is that throwing a large gathering requires a lot of work to keep everyone, and everything, safe and sound. […]

Why Cloud Software is a small company’s best friend

Small businesses have their own particular needs when it comes to productivity. Even the smallest business in run by one person needs to have a communications policy that is productive and enables the company to show itself in best light. It’s difficult, not having the budget to do many things in house. However, this is […]

Adding Extra Luxury to Your Phuket Vacation

Throughout history, Phuket has been a target for conquest by many different civilizations, and not too long after arriving most travelers quickly discover why.  If any island can stake a claim to being paradise, Phuket is certainly the one. With beautiful beaches, lush forests, amazing wildlife, and an intense cultural spectrum, Phuket is hard to […]

Getting Strange at Hellmann’s Strangewich Challenge

Disclosure: Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own. When it comes to sandwiches, I’ve always been a little strange. Whether it’s Peanut butter, pickle, and mayonnaise or unusual combinations of veggies and seafood, weirding people out with my creations is what I do. Until Hellmann’s Strangewich challenge, I thought I was alone in […]

Wicked Weather Watchers: Recognizing Storm Chasing Contracting Scams

Dealing with the aftermath of a large storm or other natural disaster is bad enough for homeowners. You have to find money for repairs or maybe even a new place to live and you have to deal with the stress it all brings. Unfortunately, there is another thing that you should be wary of: storm […]

The Sky’s the Limit: Building Your Own Unique Log Cabin Home

Log cabin living might be a lifestyle that you have been thinking or dreaming about but maybe you don’t know where to start with your plans or just need a bit of guidance to give you the confidence to make those dreams a reality. Here is a look at what’s needed to plan and build […]

Gifting Food and Beverages: Understanding What Works and What Doesn’t

Finding gifts for people you love can be difficult: on the one hand you want to get them something they will love, but on the other hand, you may be getting tired of giving the same old boring gift cards that you always give. With today’s technology, however, it’s easier than ever to find new […]