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Are Home Workouts as Effective as the Gym?

Are you better off subscribing to on-demand workout videos than applying for a gym membership? The answer to this question will always be “it depends”. However, on-demand workouts are increasingly getting more traction than gym memberships because of a lot of reasons. Let’s check these out and see if you can relate. https://pixabay.com/en/exercise-spine-athlete-woman-yoga-1581583/ Gym Impressions […]

Weekend Projects (that Pay for Themselves)

We should all strive to be this person: ·  Willing to get hands dirty ·  Finding ways to save money around the home These two traits go a long way especially when it’s as simple as fixing a plumbing problem or undertaking big projects that save money. You know, money that’s better spent on the […]

Confidence Tricks: How to Become a More Confident Woman

You know who she is. She’s that one-of-a-kind woman who strides into a room and makes every head turn. She may not be the prettiest, thinnest, or the most well-dressed girl in the room, but the confidence she exudes far outweighs anything as trivial as that. If you wish to be a more self-assured woman, […]

Is Your Man Cave a Health Hazard?

The increasing popularity of converting basement space into a man cave stems from a man’s desire for solitude after a long day’s work and at the end of an arduous work week. Sure, he eventually needs to crawl out from the darkness and tend to the lawn and spend time with his family, but most […]

Looking for a way to keep your finances in check? Use one of these calculators

When you’re trying to keep your household afloat, you have to sit down and prepare for a really nasty session of math every now and then. It’s not at all pleasant and the thought of it all going downhill because you’ve made a simple mistake in the calculations can be nerve racking. Just imagine that […]

The Big Fat Truth

Disclosure: This post is part of a paid campaign with Z Living through my association with BlogHer. Those of you who know me personally or who have been following my blog over the years know I struggle with my weight. Ever since my first son was born over 24 years ago it’s been a struggle […]

6 Practical Tips to Get Your Tech Business Fully “In Gear”

Owners of tech businesses are fully familiar with the numerous micro-components of a computer chip and with the fact that each part must be present and rightly positioned for a computer to be fully functional. This principle holds true as well when it comes to the way your business operates from day to day. Each […]

8 Careers to Pursue if You Love People

If you thrive in an environment that allows you to work with people your options are endless. But while there’s a vast selection of jobs available to you, it may be difficult to find your calling. Here are some of the best careers to choose from if you love people. Sales Have you ever been […]