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Get Game Day Ready At Sam’s Club

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own. College and professional football have a lot of traditions that fans like my husband and sons are always participating in. Some traditions connect them with their favorite teams while others bring us closer together as a family. As part of their pregame ritual, you will […]

Women’s Health: Look And Feel Your Best

Being beautiful is, first and foremost, something you do for yourself. Only at your most confident, can you set about truly attracting others – it all starts from within. That’s actually the secret to your favorite uber-confident celebrities and everyday people. As a woman, you have unique challenges in the confidence department, given the pressures […]

4 Fitness Ideas for Pet Parents & Their Dogs to Stay Active Together

It’s hard enough to find the time and the motivation to exercise ourselves, let alone ensure our pets stay active too. But dogs are happiest and healthiest when they’re able to get outside the house and release some energy. They also make the best workout buddy, especially when you see your pup’s excitement while running […]

Visit a Doctor Online with Samsung’s Ask an Expert

* READER PROMO CODE DETAILS – $10 OFF of a doctor visit which is regularly $59, making it $49 with use of the code SAMSUNG17; expires 3/31/18 I use my phone for everything. My Samsung helps track my activity, nutrition, and sleep. It keeps me connected with friends, family, and work. Now with Samsung’s Ask […]

Quiet Oasis: Get Rid of The Noise Pollution At Home

After a long day at work, you probably have one thing in mind: to have some peace and quiet at home. Unfortunately for some people, going home may mean having to deal with so much noise – the constant fighting of neighbors, dogs barking, honking cars on the busy street, and the list could go […]

Urban Gardens: Good For Physical And Mental Health

Surprising Correlations As it turns out, there is a link between what you eat and how healthy you are mentally. It may be surprising to realize, but sometimes physical and mental health aren’t defined by obvious factors. One would assume that what you ate and how your mind functions were entirely separate entities. Likewise, you […]

The 5 Most Effective Moves for Polishing up Your Appearance

Image credit: pixabay   Have an interview that you want to ace? Perhaps you have a 10 or 20-year high school reunion coming up, and you want to make heads turn? Or maybe you are reentering the workforce after a couple years of at-home parenting? Whatever the reason, it can be easy to overspend on […]

How to Build Muscle Faster, Easier, and Healthier

If they are truthful, most men don’t go to the gym to lose a pound here and there but to bulk up on the muscle so that they have that iconic muscle-man figure. Even women have a tendency to strive for more muscle mass. In one survey on weight lifting and bulking, 20 percent of […]