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This Killer Hair Trend Is Long on Style

Image: Pixabay Today’s hairstyles and techniques run the gamut, but one stands out for the extraordinary lengths it goes to provide women with a stunningly sexy look. That is hair extensions. While not new, every year when some celebrity steps out with hair that reaches groundbreaking new lengths, it’s a sight to behold and women […]

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cheerleading Uniforms

Deciding the kind of uniform that you want your cheerleaders to wear can be quite daunting. You should take into consideration a number of vendors and designers that offer cheap uniform deals. Being a cheerleading coach comes the pressure of selecting the right uniforms. The heart of selecting the right costumes lies in choosing jaw […]

Must Have Beauty Essentials for your Summer Vacation

Vacations are a great time to relax, let go a little, get away from life’s stresses, and have some fun. But, this freedom doesn’t stop you from wanting to look your best. When you’re packing for your vacation, you won’t want to take everything out of your closet and makeup bag, so it’s key to […]

Is Your Daily Routine Helping or Hurting Your Skin?

Being that it’s on the outside of your body, it’s easy to forget that your skin is an organ. It’s the organ that protects us from harmful pollution, injury and infections – not to mention cancer-causing UV rays. Skin is our body’s frontline of defense and it takes a beating.

Soft Summer Feet and Shiny Nails with Amopè from CVS

For less than you spend for one pedicure at your favorite spa you can purchase Amope from CVS

Receutics Active Skin Repair Products Really Work

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Receutics. All opinions are mine. Believe it or not at almost 50 years old, I still have problems with breakouts and acne. I used to feel life was really unfair until I found Receutics Active Skin Repair Products. After using Active Skin Repair along with the 3 step acne […]

Are the Rewards of Plastic Surgery Worth the Risks?

Are the Rewards of Plastic Surgery Worth the Risks?

Your Best Face Forward: Dealing With a Double Chin Dilemma

Your Best Face Forward: Dealing With a Double Chin Dilemma