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Your Best Face Forward: Dealing With a Double Chin Dilemma

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Your Best Face Forward: Dealing With a Double Chin Dilemma

We live in a society that is obsessed with looks.  Even the least shallow of people want to look good so they can feel better about themselves.  As technology advances and people become more mindful of the effects of aging, we pay greater attention to wrinkles, sagging skin, as well as the ways to stop or reverse the signs of aging.  Let’s face it; in order to put your best face forward, you’d feel best in getting rid of that double chin.  Here are a few ways to deal with that dilemma.


Like most parts of the body, you can exercise this area to shed excess fat and make the skin more taut.  Keep your back straight, tilt your head back, and pucker your lips.  Hold the position for about 10 to 15 seconds.  Repeat this process a number of times several times a day.  See if you notice a difference in the skin.  Alternatively, keep your back straight and rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise 10 to 15 times.  Do it just as frequently as the other exercise throughout the week.


Chewing exercises the jaw muscles and jaw line.  Since eating too much or chewing too much sugar-filled gum is not healthy, try sugarless gum.  The more you chew, the greater a workout you are giving your jaw in helping to get rid of the double chin.  Again, take notice of the difference in the skin around the jaw.  Chewing gum is a great substitute for needless snacking, which leads to gaining weight and a double chin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great way to rid yourself of that dreaded double chin.  Firstly, you can start eating foods that are high in Vitamin E such as apples, brown rice, leafy greens, etc.  Secondly, you can buy Vitamin E oil and massage into the chin area.  This will stimulate circulation and help to tighten the skin; increased blood flow leads to tighter muscles and lesser amount of sagging skin.  Massage the oil into your chin several times a day until you have used all of the oil.


There are many reasons to drink water, and getting rid of a double chin is one of them.  Drinking a lot of water reverses water retention, which is often the reason for excessive weight in the body and face.  Health gurus suggest drinking eight to 10 glasses of water per day for better body functioning.  In addition to drinking lots of water, ingest foods that are high in water content such as melons, celery, and lettuce.

Weight Loss

Obviously, a bigger chin may be the result of being overweight, so if you diet, weight will come off of your body and face.  Consider talking to a nutritionist or a gym trainer about coupling a healthy diet with a number of exercises, which will help you build muscle and shed fat.  Alternatively, talk to a doctor specializing in Kybella to remove double chin fat without surgery.  Also, pay attention to your lifestyle; for example, you may have a habit of overeating or eating too many snacks at night before bed.  Depression is another reason why people begin to gain weight or have trouble exercising regularly.


While grooming is a way to cover a double chin rather than get rid of it, it can help lessen the social anxiety until you start losing weight and make your skin tighter.  Men can grow a beard to help hide a double chin.  Women can cut their hair to a medium length (just below the chin line), which will help draw attention away from a double chin.  Also, particular colors of blush and eye makeup will deter onlooker attention from the neck area.


Much like the insight above related to grooming, posture helps alleviate the appearance of a double chin but does not help in getting rid of it.  Practicing good posture is positive for a number of reasons, including maintaining a healthy back and spine.  Get in the habit of standing and sitting up straight.  If you bend or slouch, it slopes your face forward, which will reveal a double chin.  Also, don’t hold your phone between your ear and shoulder.  This can strain the muscles in your neck as well as inspire a double chin.

Green Tea

It’s better to drink tea without caffeine, yet caffeine does act as a diuretic, which alleviates water retention.  If you have a double chin due to being overweight, green tea can help boost your metabolism so you burn more calories at a greater rate.  Green tea offers other benefits as well like aiding with concentration and keeping drinkers calm.  Also, drinking tea at the end of the night is a healthier alternative to snacking.

Olivia Herbert has battled with her self-appearance for many years, trying every diet available and even resorting to some surgery. Now a little older, and wiser, she writes health and beauty articles to help other women learn to look after and admire the body they were born with.


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