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Are You Worried About High Hydro Bills?

Your heart races when you see a hydro bill in your mailbox, and you brace yourself when you tear into the envelope. There are ways that you can prevent the numbers on your bills from being staggering, so you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort indoors in order to save a few dollars. You can make the following changes so that you don’t empty your bank account for energy costs.

You don’t have to live without electricity to shrink your bills, you just need to be more aware of the small ways that you waste energy every single day — break these bad habits and watch how your bills change over the course of the year.

Lots of Options!

There are a number of significant ways to save money on bills that you can try right away like turning off the lights when you aren’t in the room and unplugging your appliances when they aren’t in use to reduce the consumption of phantom power. Think about how people used to complete tasks before developments in technology and use those techniques when it’s convenient.

When it’s sunny outside, skip the dryer and hang your damp clothes on a line or open up your curtains to let in the light. These minor changes will cost you very little effort, while still making a serious difference with your payments.

Prevent Wasted Energy

You can prevent your home from wasting air conditioning and heating by improving its insulation. Caulk and weatherstrip your windows to stop air from leaking out and keep drafts from affecting the indoor temperature. If they are particularly old or worn down, you should get energy-efficient replacements installed by a company like Golden Windows — they are one of the best window manufacturers London Ontario has to offer. They have been creating and distributing high-quality doors and vinyl windows in London for decades. These replacements should be professionally installed to ensure that their energy-efficient features actually work to your benefit.

Even if you feel like you are responsible with your energy use, you will want to make these fixes to deal with the high rates — the province of Ontario has very expensive electricity because of years of complex policy decisions, energy privatization and consumer dependence from weather fluctuations. The rates have continued to climb over the years, rocketing by approximately seventy percent from the year 2008 to 2016. In comparison to the other provinces and territories in Canada, Ontario pays the highest rates for hydro — while people in Montreal spend an average of eighty-three dollars a month, Ottawa residents pay an extra hundred dollars for energy.

This may go without saying, but having energy efficient appliances makes a big difference. Energy efficient furnaces can reduce bills and increase the comfort of your home with more stable temperatures. Another great way to save money is to buy a tankless water heater online and have a local professional install it for you. Energy efficient fridges can also help make a dent in those monthly utility bills.

You shouldn’t have to spend that much money on a regular basis, just to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Taking on good conservation habits and investing in energy-efficient home features will chip away at those ridiculous hydro expenses. When you make these changes, you will be able to tuck that saved money back into your wallet — or better yet, you can spend it on something that is sitting on your wish-list.