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Add Some Excitement to Your Life

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When life gets too mundane for you, try something new to add some excitement. We all get caught up in the necessary routines of everyday life and don’t even realize we are stuck in a rut. It is not always easy to get outside of your normal routine because of your obligations and other stress factors. But it is so important to try to find ways to make your life more interesting.

It might not be easy to think about what you want to do that is new. However, once you get started, you will begin to enjoy it. Start with something you have a little bit of interest in and take it to the next step.Maybe you will re-connect with something you used to be passionate about before you got stuck in your day-to-day routine. Start slowly and don’t put any pressure on yourself. Where can you start?

Learn Something New

Do you like music? How about learning to play an instrument? A guitar is more portable than a piano, so why not start with guitar lessons?

Learning to play an acoustic guitar can be lots of fun, and beginning with an acoustic Ukulele or acoustic guitar can be a great place to start. Experts at the The Denver Folklore Center is a great resource for everything an acoustic musician needs.

How about taking language, cooking, art, or craft lessons? New doors will be open to you by meeting new people with the same interests. Your newfound knowledge might turn into a passion, you never know.

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

Don’t worry about looking silly to other people. Do what you enjoy and don’t worry about anyone judging you. First of all, who cares? It is your life.

Secondly, most people are actually more interested in what they are doing and are not even paying attention to what you are doing. If there are people in your life who are judging you, ignore them. Again, it is your life.

Read a Book or Watch a Good Movie

This sounds really simple, doesn’t it? A good book or movie can take you away from a mundane life, even if only temporarily. You can use this escape often if you decide to go see a movie weekly or challenge yourself to read a new book regularly. You can experience new places, take part in exciting adventures, and follow dramatic storylines vicariously by reading books and watching movies. Why not experience such an easy escape from the routines of your life by adding some excitement so simply?

Join a Club

There are clubs and associations for almost every interest you might have. It is much more fun to do things and spend time with others who share your passion. Do you like to read? Join a book club. Do you like to write? Join a writing club. If there is no club in your community, why not start your own?

Writing stories and sharing them with others in a writing club can be fun and add some social interaction you might not ordinarily have in your life.


It might sound crazy to add something new to your already full schedule, but there are many advantages to taking some time to volunteer. What better way is there to see the world through someone else’s eyes than to go into their world and offer your help?

For instance, volunteering some time in a daycare center or a retirement home will show you how the very young and the very old see the world. It can open your eyes to a whole new outlook on life. Not sure what is available in your community for volunteer work? Check online for resources to find places to volunteer some of your time and make a difference in someone’s life.

Re-Arrange Your Furniture

This might sound silly but it can actually make a difference. You go to work every day and come home to the same house, right? Now imagine taking a little time to re-arrange your living room or den. The next day when you come home from work, you will feel like you are coming home to a different house.

Adding something a little different to a mundane life can really add a little extra excitement. Who knows, you might decide to re-arrange your furniture in more rooms and more often.