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8 Careers to Pursue if You Love People

If you thrive in an environment that allows you to work with people your options are endless. But while there’s a vast selection of jobs available to you, it may be difficult to find your calling. Here are some of the best careers to choose from if you love people.


Have you ever been told that you could sell hay to a farmer? If you have that extra special something that woos people in your favor, you might make an excellent salesperson. Salespeople get a bad rep for being suave manipulators, but their skills come in handy for a variety of businesses and causes. Effective salespeople aren’t just good at buttering you up for a sale—they’re also great negotiators. To be a salesperson you have to exhibit exceptional communication skills and quick problem solving abilities.


Similar to sales, marketing requires excellent persuasive abilities and a keen intuition on how people work and think. Markets use their creative talents to influence people in a variety of ways, mostly including media. The marketing department of a company is typically highly collaborative so that you’re in touch with your peers on a daily basis. The fast-paced and creative nature of marketing attracts a lot of those who are interested in people and psychology.


Notice a trend yet? Politicians are perhaps the pinnacle of what it means to be a people-person. Those involved in politics know how to craft a public persona to please their audience and sway them toward their side. As excellent orators, effective politicians know how to arouse emotions, stir a crowd and ultimately spark a response that can form entire movements. Politicians are often, but not always, social individuals who understand how people work and how to make their ideas come to fruition.

Social Justice

Social justice is a subset of politics that deals directly with humanitarian efforts. If you have a passion for a cause, whether it be immigration, poverty, sex trafficking, veteran’s affairs, refugees or another noble cause, the field of social justice may be right for you. Many non-profits are dedicated to both local and global issues. Can’t find the right place for your cause? Consider a master’s in nonprofit management or social justice to start the movement.


Psychologists devote their entire lives to studying human behavior, from school counseling to neuroscience and everything in between. Active members in the field constantly learn about new developments and methods to help their clients achieve personal wellness. Whether you love working with people face to face or you prefer to work behind the scenes, psychology provides a unique opportunity to look at people from both sides in both an interpersonal way and a scientific way.


This career is suited for the go-getters that love to be in the middle of the action. Journalists are required to be excellent communicators with both interviewees and members of their own team. People in this profession quickly learn how to ask the right questions and perform thorough research to make a fair and accurate piece of journalism.


Teachers are one of the most critical but oft overlooked members of society. As Baby Boomers retire, teaching jobs are popping up all over the country and districts are desperate for new educators. The best teachers are able to communicate ideas and concepts to students on their level of understanding. Right now there is a huge need for grade school teachers. If you’re interested in pursuing early childhood education, you’re your early childhood education degree here.


Everyone involved in the medical field takes on a plethora of both rewarding and trying experiences. Those who become nurses are gifted with a desire to help people regain and maintain their physical health. If you have a passion to help people reach their physical best, then nursing may be the career for you.

If you love working with people, you’ll thrive in virtually any career field. Consider following one of these career paths to work with others.