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6 Practical Tips to Get Your Tech Business Fully “In Gear”

Owners of tech businesses are fully familiar with the numerous micro-components of a computer chip and with the fact that each part must be present and rightly positioned for a computer to be fully functional.

This principle holds true as well when it comes to the way your business operates from day to day. Each tool or process your business relies on is like a turning gear that interlocks with other gears and helps the whole business machine work properly.


Here are six ways you can boost your tech business’ productivity, efficiency, and bottom line:

1. Get Faster, More Flexible Credit Card Processing

Almost no business can afford to demand cash or paper check payments from its customers anymore. This is especially true of tech companies that generate so much of their revenues online, so you need to hook up with a merchant service company to process credit and debit cards. Not all merchant service providers operate under the same “rules,” and it pays big dividends to offer clients quick, reliable credit card processing online, over the phone, and at in-store POS.

2. Manage Your Remote Workers and Payroll Effortlessly

Spending too much time and effort on processing your payrolls and keeping accurate track of remote workers’ hours? Consider using an online time clock tool by Clockspot that streamlines the whole process and monitors remote work hours to “keep employees honest.” Perhaps, the best news about this service is that it is 100% free to sign up.

3. Focus on Product First, Then the Rest

For newer tech companies, it is easy to get distracted by the plethora of other factors affecting business growth besides offering high-quality products and services. But marketing campaigns and other efforts, as important as they are, need to take a back seat temporarily as your first perfect the foundation of all successful companies (a unique product of high value to a large potential customer base).

4. Earn LEED Certification for Your Building

Tech and online companies already have an advantage in being “environmentally friendly” due to the very nature of their enterprise. After all, the tech sector doesn’t have a lot of carbon-emitting smoke stacks or need to cut down wide swathes of forestland to function. Double up on that by getting your physical location LEED-certified. You will save on energy, consume less water, emit less greenhouse gas, save money, and have a great selling point to present to green-conscious customers.

5. Make Vehicle Maintenance a High Priority

For some tech companies, especially on-call IT gurus who rush to the aid of clients struggling with an Internet connection or other technical problem, a fleet of vehicles must be maintained. In this case, vehicle maintenance needs to be kept up continuously and high standards of vehicle performance insisted upon. This is clearly not within the scope of in-house expertise at most tech businesses, so be very careful in selecting an “outsource” partner.

6. Focus on Competing for the Best Tech Workers

One final area we should mention is that of attracting and retaining highly skilled and well motivated tech workers. The industry is highly competitive, and employees are often fluid and flexible with the direction of their careers. That means you need to reward good employees with competitive pay, valuable benefits packages, a friendly work environment, and any “perks” you can think of that will “keep the winning team on your team.”

The bottom line is that every part of your business, not just the more strictly “tech aspects,” has an impact on every other part. From treating employees right to establishing efficient payroll processes to going green, every “gear” needs to be a perfect fit so your business can run smooth and grow fast.