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4 Secrets to Glowing like a Bride-To-Be

Image Credit: Pixabay

Single lady no more. Happily taken. No longer dancing to the tune of Beyoncé’s “’Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it” because you definitely got the ring on it! You probably have a lot running through your mind right now. The moment you realized that you’re finally tying the knot! Looking for a perfect date. The wedding concept or theme. The dress! It can be quite overwhelming. And that is perfectly normal. Wanting everything to be perfect on your wedding day is every woman’s dream.

Sometimes you get so into the moment that you forget the most important thing. For you to be focused on being happy for this life-changing step that you’re about to take and not stress over every little detail. You don’t want to look grumpy-faced. Here are a few things you need, to stay on that Zen path and look refreshed before your big day:

1.   Positivity

This is the attitude you’ll need to pack with you at all times leading up to.  Being genuinely positive has rippling effects on anything that you absorb and release day-to-day. Looking at life with optimism can make it tolerable and hopeful. Try it. You’ll glide through it with ease. A daily dosage of positivity has health benefits. In Dalai Lama’s power line, for us “to carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision.”

2.   DIY Homemade Face Masks

The face is a canvass that can paint all kinds of emotions. Bride-to-be or not, keeping it looking healthy is of utmost importance. Using natural products are great for the skin. Honey, lemon, cinnamon, curry, oats and essential oils to name a few. Provided you have no allergies to its components so check it out first.

Do a skin patch test on the underside of your forearm. It’s very therapeutic to use these organic products and make a homemade mask out of it yourself! You’ll be a lot more connected to your skin, the way it responds to how well you take care of it.

3.   Healthy Routine

Maintaining a healthy diet and staying active is a balancing act. But if you plan wisely and stick to it, you will get the hang it. Eating the right food does not only make you look good over time but also improves and boosts your overall mood.

Next thing you know, seeking for some action and dynamic activities will be something you’d incorporate in your schedule. When your cells are moving, blood flowing, there’s no stopping that sparking energy from coming out. A happy bride is a happy life!

4.   Relaxation

With all the motions running to finalize the details to your big day, you cannot make the mistake of not taking the time to relax and de-stress. Yes, it is as equally important as being super.

Go to the spa. Go for a walk. Sit by the beach. Be with nature. If you are in Philly and want to save yourself the hassle of organizing everything, choose an all inclusive wedding packages in Philadelphia. Entrusting your moments to someone else who is good at it is fine. Then you can focus all your energy on the main event, saying your vows and sharing the moment with your loved ones.

Starting from the inside is what will help you achieve that glowing look. Beauty, after all, is on the inside. The source of that power shine is all you! A naturally glowing bride walking down the aisle to his waiting excited dashing groom. I just know your day will be remarkable as you imagined it to be!


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